Garage Door Replacement & repair - Kaiser Garage Door

Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates offers general maintenance with our Signature Tune–Up. How is this a benefit to you? Our safety inspection of all moving parts of your garage door, as well as testing of your garage door opener will ensure that small issues are addressed proactively. In turn, this general maintenance prevents bigger issues from arising that can cost you more in the long run.

Our Signature Tune–Up includes:

Garage Door

  • Test and lubricate rollers, hinges, springs and bearings
  • Check/adjust spring tension for proper balance
  • Inspect seals around the openings

Garage Door Opener

  • Lubricate carriage, rails and drive sprocket
  • Inspect for correct limit adjustment in open and closed positions
  • Check safety photo eyes for proper alignment

Ultimately, this general maintenance adds extra years of life to your garage door. Do you want to keep your garage door working like new on a regular basis? Call us to schedule your Signature Tune-Up!