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Honest Tucson garage door repair includes Redington, AZ when you call Kaiser Garage Doors and Gates. Our company’s roots are in Tucson, but grew over our 20+ years in business into two other southwest metro areas - Phoenix, Arizona and Pinetop, Nevada.

Our family-owned and operated business has experience with all garage door ups and downs, and we can fix your garage door problems in Redington, AZ. From broken springs, cable, rollers, hinges to new garage door openers and doors, we got it covered. Plus, not only will our trained and skilled technicians focus on the job at hand, they’ll do it without upselling.

Whether your car is stuck in your garage, or it simply needs a tune-up, give us a call.

We are glad to serve this Redington, AZ zip code:

Panel Replacement in Redington

If you or a family member accidentally dented your garage door, the whole thing needn’t necessarily be replaced. It may just need a new panel – or two to get your garage door looking and working like new again. Contact us for a free estimate.

Garage Door Openers in Laveen, AZ - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

Cable Replacement

Cable replacement is not a recommended D-I-Y project. Why? Because your heavy garage door is guided to open and close with the help of the cables. This means any misstep in handling them may result in serious injury to you or damage to your property. We carry steel cables for every size, make and model of garage doors, and our pros can quickly determine which ones your garage door needs.

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Spring Replacement in Laveen, AZ - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates