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Garage door insulation may seem like a small add on to your garage door, but it comes with a big payback over time. It has many benefits that will improve life in multiple ways.

1. It Regulates/Saves Your Home Energy
You may not give much thought to how often you exit and enter your home through your garage door. Every time you do, your home’s overall temperature is affected – you may be losing energy from your home – either because of intense summer heat, or fluctuating temperatures as the seasons change. Insulating your garage door will help conserve the energy of the rest of your home, too. An important note – if you don’t have proper weather stripping on the parameters of your garage door, your insulated door will not work to maximum efficiency.

2. It Can Save You Cooling/Heating Costs
Considering the above-mentioned benefit, your energy bills will become smaller and you’ll have more money for things you enjoy.

3. Creates A More Accessible Garage Space
Most people use their garage for other purposes than parking their vehicles. A temperature-regulated garage makes it easier to store your belongings without worrying if they’ll be damaged from excessive heat during the summer months.

4. A Quieter Garage Door
An insulated garage door is also a quieter one. Insulation absorbs any creaks and clangs you may hear whenever someone opens the garage door. This is particularly beneficial when your garage is adjacent to a bedroom or office where less noise is preferred. Plus, if you live on a busy, noisy street, it can help buffer some of those sounds.

5. A More Durable Garage Door
Reputable garage door brands offer insulated doors with a multi-layer construction. One such example is the Clopay Intellicore door. It is made of a 5-layer steel construction with a composite wood finish.

Why not take advantage of these benefits? Should you have questions about your current garage door insulation or, are looking to purchase an insulated garage door, drop us a line. We are proud partners with Clopay and our experienced staff can answer any questions you may have about this product.

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