Your garage door may only have a few broken springs. However, you don’t want to waste your time with a company that’s not reputable or operating within the law, for example. The following are a list of tips that will help determine if a garage door company is worth your time – and money.

1. Make sure they are licensed.

Find out if a company is registered and is professionally and legally qualified to carry out with their stated operations. It safeguards you in a situation, should something go awry after the installations and or, repairs, you can trust the company will solve the problem.

2. Check their online reviews and BBB rating.

A company has ‘strong’ ratings and or reviews if they consist of a high rating, positive feedback and are consistent in this theme across multiple review sites – BBB, Google, Home and Advisor, for example. Additionally, BBB is considered the industry standard for a company’s standing. Check their ratings and reviews to find out a company’s status and accreditation.

3. Get multiple bids.

Getting multiple bids seems an obvious way to price compare. However, it’s an essential part of the process to determining which garage door company will best meet your budget. Also, you’ll be able to determine if a company is price gouging on their services and avoid them.

4. Ask for recommendations.

A referral or warning from someone you know that has first-hand experience with a company is helpful to your decision-making process. If possible, try to get feedback from more than one person. You know you can trust these sources because they have nothing to gain from directing you to one company vs. another.

5. Check their industry experience.

Verifying years of industry experience ins important. Why? A garage door company may have a great looking site. They are licensed. They may even have a dozen glowing customer reviews. However, be wary of a company that is just starting out. Would you trust a company has a decade or more of installing garage doors, to one that may have only installed a handful of them? A new garage door installation is an investment – and one that should be trusted to knowledgeable professionals who are versed in a variety of situations.

Have you found a company that meets these five factors? If not, consider Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates for your next garage door, or gate install or service job!

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