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LiftMaster has answered the prayers of every homeowner who wished they had more storage space in their garage. Their 8500W is sleek and compact, but it has the same horsepower as other larger, bulkier models. It mounts to the wall, freeing up your entire garage ceiling for storage purposes.

“But, how does it work?” You might wonder. It attaches to the shaft that supports the torsion springs vs. using an overhead trolley system. It requires an outlet on one of the garage door walls instead of the ceiling. Note, it won’t function in low headroom garages. However, it can support up to 850 – lb. doors, which makes it dependable for commercial garage door applications, too.

    • It’s quieter since the noisier features with the old overhead model are gone. So, if you have a bedroom or office above or adjacent to the garage where extra noise isn’t appreciated, this solves that issue.
    • Its upgrades include My-Q technology, which allows you to operate your garage door from anywhere, giving you peace of mind.
    • It has a ‘time-to-close’ feature that automatically closes your garage door after a set amount of time.
    • A motion detector which will turn on the garage door light.
    • An automatic dead-bolt lock when the door closes.
    • Built-in back-up battery.
    • New code generation with each click. So, when burglars are trying to capture your signal, they can’t control your door.
    • Lifetime warranty on the motor.
    • A five-year warranty on parts.

That’s an impressive list – right!? Kaiser Garage Doors and Gates is a proud partner with LiftMaster and our sales staff can answer any questions you may have about their products. If you’re interested in the sleek and efficient LiftMaster 8500W, give us a call.

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