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You’re a proud homeowner. You’ve lived in your home for several years. You’re not the first resident there, but you’ve made many upgrades to your home over the years – except for buying a new garage door opener. ‘It still works you think. Why should I spend money to replace it when I don’t need to?’

While that’s a seemingly valid reason on the surface, there are many factors that may make continued repairs and your home’s safety a challenge as time passes.

Consider these facts:

1. As your garage door opener ages, compatible parts become less and less available over the years. Garage door opener manufacturers will discontinue or slowly phase out parts as newer garage door opener models are created, and or, become more popular.

2. Should there be a power outage, new garage door openers have battery backup systems that will automatically switch on when your power goes out. Older models do not.

3. If your family and neighbors are complaining about how noisy your garage door opener is, it’s time to get a new one. Newer models like the screw or belt drive are a better option to reduce noise to almost nil. Even a new chain-belt version will still be quieter than the one you have.

4. Safety is always a concern and more so if you’re garage door opener is over 20 years old. Why? Since 1993, it’s garage door opener manufacturers have been required to build openers with two automatic reversal systems. One is mechanical and the other operates based on photoelectric sensors, or ‘eyes.’ The mechanical reversal system automatically reverses the motion of the door when it touches a person or object. The sensors detect an object or person with an invisible light beam and upon doing so will reverse in motion.

5. Was your garage door opener installed before 1993? If so, your opener system is not protected from thieves who want to copy the code of your remote.

6. Mobile technology has made vast improvements on garage door opener offerings. LIftMaster products include MyQ technology via your phone, so you can operate your door from anywhere!

Do you have questions about the above information or want to learn more about the latest and greatest in garage door openers? Contact the pros at Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates to learn more. Our knowledge is backed by 21+ years in the garage door industry serving homeowners, HOAs and commercial businesses.

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